From now on, where you are, be good at learning and practice by yourself to have a happy life!

UU FOR YOU is a membership intellectual network which promotes splendid experiences  among people through the world. Our aim is to implement "Genuine Life, Superior Life and Virtuous Life  . We conduct development of human resource  and supporting international exchange looking forward to internationalization.

Benefits of UU・JEC

◆UU・JEC can learn  English, Japanese and Chinese effectively and efficiently by multi language courses on internet.

◆◆UU・JEC can take part in the  Meeting  to learn Japanese and Chinese with enjoyment .

Benefits of UU・VIP

◆UU・VIP will get useful and valuable information including benefits        offered by UU・JVB.

◆ international exchanges among members of UU・FORYOU  enriches       UU・VIP's life.


Kindness from the locals is the best for tourists!

That is the greatest souvenir!


                                                    Jason Hung,TTTNET GROUP Representative Director 

UU FOR YOU is a membership intellectual sightseeing network which promotes splendid experiences and interaction among people through the world. We carefully select shops or traders called 

UU・JVB=UU・Joint Venture Business, introduce them and provide various benefits for UU・VIP=UU・Very Important Person.



Our aim


Every tourist wishes to travel in a valuable way. Moreover, He or she whishes to rest asured, feel easy and meet with kindness from the locals while travelling. To respond to these needs of  tourists, UU FOR YOU carefully selects shops or traders and introduce them to tourists of the world in multilingual languages.

UU FOR YOU also cooperates with shops and traders of UU・JVB.

We are promoting to improve quality of travelling for customer member of UU・VIP and the management of UU・JVB, which idea is based on the principle of "Sanpo yoshi : benefit for all three sides".





TTTNET GROUP is an operating company of UU FOR YOU. It was established in the main campus of Kyoto University in Auguest, 2010. Based on the idea of "Life is travel. Travel is education.", our aim is to implement "Genuine Life, Superior Life and Life with Virtue", and improve life management and home education. 


All members of our GROUP 


are aiming to three of Top TTT 


Top Thinking : superior thinking and practical thinking

Top Training : superior training of education and practice

Top Traveling : superior experiencing of life, exchanges and                                      broadening one's knowledge


throughout NET,


NET development of all humankind

NET international human resources

NET various organizations


and runs superior life and makes residence, workplaces and the earth pleasant and wonderful as the meaning of life and work.